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dried shrimp black bag
dried shrimp in a bowl
chickens eating dried shirmp
dried shrimp close up
dried shrimp close up
Pampered Chicken Mama

Dried River Shrimp For Pet Chickens & Ducks (A Treat Your Flock Will Adore!)

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Hens go GAGA over LoveBugs For Hens (TM) Dried Shrimps! With 50% protein, and full of nutrients, fiber, and fat, shrimps are chicken treats your flock will snarf (yes, snarf) down!
Shrimps are also perfect for chicks! Full of protein, dried shrimp are small enough (and tasty enough!) for tiny beaks to nibble.
Our dried shrimps are non-GMO, US raised and harvested so you know they're 100% healthy for your hens!



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