Chili Powder (Great for maintaining a healthy gut!)
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Chili Powder (Great for maintaining a healthy gut!)

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Chili power is a great addition to nesting boxes, especially if you're concerned about internal parasites. In studies, hens fed the main constituent of chili powder, Capsaicin, were healthier and showed a lower parasite load. If you're worried your flock won't like the spiciness, don't worry - chickens have many fewer taste buds than humans! 


Directions: Add 1/4 tsp per nesting box. If adding to feed, add 1/4 tsp per chicken.


Guaranteed Analysis: Crude protein 0%, Crude fat 0%, crude fiber 0%.

Guaranteed by FrugalChicken, LLC, 123 Main St. Clarkton, MO 63837

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