"Stay Cool" Summer Fun Bundle

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Easily entertain your flock AND provide lots of vitamins & nutrients with this fun bundle!

This bundle comes with 3 popular Pampered Chicken Mama products:

Hot Summer Days (1 pound): A mixture of dried BloomGrubs (North American sourced black soldier fly larvae), non-GMO soybean hulls, oat flakes, and oregano. Mix with water & freeze for a fun treat that'll keep your flock cool!

Fishmeal Feed Topper (5 oz): Add to feed during high stress times (like very hot weather) to provide extra protein and healthy omega fats! Helps chickens produce healthy eggs.

Rainbow Burst Textured Treat (8 oz): Encourage natural behaviors like foraging with this fun treat! Can be mixed with water & frozen or fed as is. Chickens LOVE it!