Valentine's Goody Box - 7 Treats (12 pounds total!)

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Valentine's Day means we get to spoil our favorite hens!

The Valentine's Goody Box includes 7 limited-edition treats that are only here for the holiday:

  1. Luv You Much (2 pounds): A mixture of oats, mealworms, soybean hulls, oregano & fishmeal. Just add warm water & watch your hens dig in!
  2. Cluckin' Great Time Party Mix (2 pounds): A combination of black soldier fly grubs, river shrimp, puffed millet, and wheat that's sure to be a hit!
  3. Bee My Valentine (2 pounds): A treat made with honey granules, black soldier fly grubs, oats, mint, fenugreek, lavender flowers, and rose petals.
  4. Chicken Candy (1 pounds): A mixture of crickets, mealworms, grubs, corn, peas, & lentils. A fun mixture chickens go crazy for!
  5. Fall In Love (1 pounds): A delightful combination of mealworms, corn, and herbs certain to bring your flock joy!
  6. Pampered Chicken Mama's Premium Scratch Mix (2.5 pounds): A popular blend of oats, wheat, corn, sunflower seeds, mint, & oyster shells that hens love!
  7. Happy Tummy Herbs (1.25 pounds): A mixture of rose petals, mint, calendula petals, fennel, & fenugreek for a healthy digestive system!