Great Feathers Bundle: Bundle of 5 products so your hens have great, fluffy feathers!

Pampered Chicken Mama


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Make growing great feathers easy with this bundle of our best selling feather support products!  Save $50 by buying all these products in this bundle!

This bundle includes 4 full-sized items:

  • Fluffiest Feathers Ever! 2 pounds - our best selling product for great feathers! High protein, non-gmo & made with herbs!

  • Dust Bath with Herbs 5 pounds - a fun & healthy dust bath to prevent chicken mites. Includes our proprietary blend of herbs that repel mites!

  • Floral Dust Bath 5 pounds - a fun & relaxing dust bath mixed with floral herbs like calendula, chamomile, rose petals, lavender, & more to support & clean healthy feathers!

  • PowerHen High Protein Treat 4 pounds - a high protein treat with mealworms, black soldier fly grubs, non-gmo wheat, calendula petals, & rose petals

  • MitesBGone Coop & Dust Bath Herbs -  our best selling coop herbs! Combine with nesting box bedding, coop herbs, or your flock's favorite dust bath area for extra protection against mites!

Each product purchased individually would cost $149.99. When you purchase this bundle, you save $50 - it's like getting 2 products for FREE!