Cluck Bucks Loyalty Program FAQ

Use this page to learn all about Cluck Bucks!

What are Cluck Bucks?

Cluck Bucks are Dahlia's exclusive loyalty program. For each $1 you spend, you earn 7 Cluck Bucks! 

How do Cluck Bucks work?

Cluck Bucks can be redeemed for coupons off your next order. 100 Cluck Bucks = $1, and they quickly add up!

What's an example?

  • Sara places an order for $77.39, which earns 542 Cluck Bucks.
  • On her next visit, Sara can redeem 500 Cluck Bucks for a $5 off coupon! 

It's like free goodies for your fluffy butts!

How do I join Dahlia's loyalty program?

 You can click here to create an account.

You will receive an email asking you to confirm your account. Click the blue "Activate" button in the email to confirm you want to join the Cluck Bucks program.

How do I redeem my Cluck Bucks?

To redeem your Cluck Bucks, click the blue Rewards button on the lower right part of your screen.

redeem rewards by clicking the rewards button in the lower right screen

Choose "Ways to Redeem" from the menu that pops up

redeem Cluck Bucks by choosing Ways To Redeem on the pop up menu

Your Cluck Bucks amount will display and the menu will show your options to redeem your Cluck Bucks. (Note: If you have not earned enough Cluck Bucks to earn a reward, you will not see any options to redeem your Cluck Bucks.)

I have a question not listed on this FAQ

Please reach out to us at and we will help you.