Winter Support Bundle: 8 Products For A Healthy Wintertime Coop! (13 pounds total)

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Want to support your flock as temperatures dip? Our Winter Support Bundle includes 8 of our most popular products - at a great savings!

Your flock will love the treats and supplements in this wonderful bundle!

The Winter Support Bundle includes:

  • Vital Nutrients (1 pound)
  • Dust Bath with Herbs (5 pounds)
  • Winter Boost (1 pound)
  • Cold Winter Nights (2 pounds)
  • Organic Kelp (1 pound)
  • Saveacomb (4 oz)
  • Fluffiest Feathers Ever! (2 pounds)
  • BreatheRight Coop Herbs (10 ounces)

Individually, these products would cost $154 - but bundled together, you'll save 45%!

What is each product?

  • Vital Nutrients (1 pound) - essential vitamins & trace minerals that you can add to each meal
  • Dust Bath With Herbs (5 pounds) - dust bath that's great entertainment during winter days!
  • Winter Boost (1 pound) - a great treat with extra protein, fat, & herbal support when your chickens need it most! Made with fishmeal, grubs, vitamins, & honey granules!
  • Cold Winter Nights (2 pounds) - a warm oatmeal treat that provides extra calories for those very cold nights when you want your flock to stay warm!
  • Organic Kelp (1 pound) - extra iron that's easy to add to feed!
  • Saveacomb Winter Support (4 oz) - Herbal winter care for combs & wattles to help prevent frostbite
  • Fluffiest Feathers Ever (2 pounds) - Feather support so your flock's feathers stay healthy to keep them warm!
  • BreatheRight Coop Herbs 20 ounce - Mix with nesting box material or bedding to cleanse the air and improve ventilation