Herbal Non-GMO Chick Starter & Grower Feed With Oregano & Garlic For Baby Chicks

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✔️High Quality Herbal Chick Feed NON-GMO 18% protein whole grain chick starter mixed with herbs and apple cider vinegar granules to support healthy immune system and digestive system functions

✔️100% NON-GMO Baby chickens love the oregano leaf & granulated garlic! You'll love all the vitamins & minerals!

✔️Raise Healthy Layers High quality herbal feed so your day olds can grow into healthy layers

✔️24 Hour Access To Beneficial Herbs Easy to pour into feeders so your chicks have 24 hour access to food

Product Description :

You’re bringing home live chicks - so bring home NON-GMO chick feed and supplies that’ll help pullets grow into healthy backyard chickens.

Pampered Chicken Mama Whole Grain Herbal Non-GMO Chick Starter is 18% protein, and has all the nutrients your chicks need to be healthy.

Provide high quality herbs and organic chicken food choices in your flock’s feeders that ensure your growing hens and roosters are in tip top shape.

Unlike other chicken feed, our chicken feed also includes a proprietary blend of herbs traditionally used by backyard chicken owners to support healthy immune systems and digestive in their growing flocks.

Your chicks will love pecking at the tiny bits of Oregano and Garlic. All healthy herbs that provide immune system and digestive system support - so your fluffy butts can grow into healthy adults