Scent of Spring Nesting Herbs For Backyard Chickens With Lavender, Chamomile, Calendula, and more!

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A proprietary blend of sweet-smelling herbs certain to help your hens relax! Hens jump for excitement for all the herbs in this blend, which includes sage, rose hips, calendula, oregano, and chamomile.

Line their nesting boxes with Scent of Spring, and watch your flock cluck for joy as they settle in! Each herb is hand selected so your hens lead happier lives and lay healthy eggs for you! You can also incorporate Scent of Spring Nesting Herbs into your flock's dust bath to keep parasites at bay.

Directions: Mix 1/2 cup of flowers per nesting box 2 to 3 days week, making sure to change bedding in nesting boxes immediately if it becomes soiled or wet. Bedding in nesting boxes should be changed weekly to avoid mold and/or mites.