Baby Chick Feeder

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  • Premium Quality: The baby chick feeder is made of reliable plastic, odorless, not easy to fade, sturdy, lightweight and long-lasting. The feeder features smooth edges that will not hurt your baby chicken.
  • Multi-hole Design: The poultry feeding dispenser has 16 holes that can allow several birds to access the feed simultaneously. The holes are also designed to prevent spillage and waste, keeping your birds or chicken from getting feed everywhere or stepping into feed.
  • Practical Design: By simply flipping open the top lid, you can effortlessly add fresh feed or perform routine maintenance without any hassle. You can easily assemble the feeder within just a few seconds.
  • Widely Applied: With a generous feeding capacity, the multi-hole poultry feeding and drinking dispenser can accommodate a substantial amount of feed, reducing the frequency of refills. It can be applied to feed your baby chick, pigeon, bird, parrot and other poultry on your home, farm or even for cages.