Non-GMO Herbal Layer Feed With Oregano & Garlic - [Oyster Shells Pre-mixed in]

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Pampered Chicken Mama 100% Pure, Non-GMO Natural Chicken Feed with Herbs & Oyster Shells has all the nutrients your poultry needs!

Hens need extra calcium and a high protein chicken feed to lay healthy eggs - and providing optimum support should be easy.

That’s why oyster shells are mixed directly into our feed! Unlike other chicken layer feed, our layer pellets include a proprietary blend of dried herbs and probiotics.

Your hens and chickens will love pecking at the tiny bits of:

  • Oregano & Garlic
  • Lemon balm
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Granules
  • Oyster shells

Our textured chicken food and poultry feed is a hit with backyard chickens who love gobbling bits of all natural ingredients like corn, oats, and roasted soybeans.

And our 100% transparency promise and easily readable ingredients list means you can trust your flock is eating only the best chicken food for laying hens!

Ingredients: 100% pure Non-GMO corn, Non-GMO roasted soybeans, dried distillers grains, lemon balm leaf, oregano leaf, granulated garlic, apple cider vinegar granules, oyster shells.

Feeding directions: Provide free access at all times to laying chickens. Provide fresh, clean water at all times.

Ingredients You Can Trust

All our labels are easy to understand and you can pronounce every ingredient - so you can feel confident in your flock's diet.

Supports A Healthy Coop

A healthy diet means healthy eggs - and hens cluck for joy & come running!

Non-GMO & All Natural

Our ingredients are 100% pure, all natural, Non-GMO, and USA sourced culinary herbs so your flock has only the best.