Oregano Peck Chicken Feed Supplement with Organic Kelp & Oregano

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  • Encourages Foraging: Oregano Peck is specially formulated for baby chicks. Stimulate your flock's natural foraging instincts and keep them engaged and active throughout the day by giving them the health benefits of organic oregano, kelp, and high-protein grains. 

  • Promotes Socializing: Your chickens will build a strong bond with you as they gather around this delicious oregano-infused treat.

  • With the irresistible aroma of oregano, this treat will motivate your chickens to return to the coop eagerly, ensuring their safety and comfort.

  • Supports Regular Egg Production In Hens: Packed with essential nutrients, Oregano Peck is designed to promote healthy laying habits, helping your hens produce eggs consistently.

  • Strengthen The Bond with Your Pets: As your chickens enjoy this tasty treat from your hand, you'll build a stronger bond with your feathered companions, making them more friendly and affectionate.

The ultimate chicken snack for hens that will leave your feathered friends coming for more! 

Made from a yummy blend of organic kelp, aromatic oregano, and essential vitamins, Oregano Peck is a true poultry feast. Not only does it support regular egg production, but it also encourages foraging and socializing among your flock. Watch as your chickens peck away at this vitamin-packed delight!

The irresistible aroma of oregano draws them in, ensuring they return to the coop at night safely. 

Safe for all life stages. Oregano Peck is for all types of poultry.