7 Egg Incubator

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  • This incubator for hatching eggs can hold up to 7 eggs whether they are chicken eggs, parrot, quail eggs, etc. It can take good care of these eggs. The height of the inner space of the incubator is fixed, it is not recommended to use more giant eggs.
  • The ventilator circulates the air inside the incubator and keeps the air inside the egg incubator fresh. Full transparent cover, convenient for you to clearly observe the incubation progress.
  • The water bottle is convenient for you to add water accurately without worrying about water leakage. At the same time, add water to the machine water tank through the external water filling hole to adjust the humidity. Helps to soften eggs and improve hatchability.
  • This incubator is set to manually flip eggs, allowing you to complete the fun process of hatching with your child and observe the process of chick birth.