Backyard Chicken Care Record Kit

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  • Ever need information about your flock at your finger tips?
  • Is a chicken sick, and you can't remember how you treated them last time?
  • Want your flock's history instantly available?
  • Not sure which hen laid which color egg?
  • Got so many chickens, you just can't keep them straight?

My Flock's Records: A Backyard Chicken Care Record Kit is a 13-page digital PDF workbook and record keeping kit exclusive to the Living The Good Life With Backyard Chickens store.

This digital kit gives you the tools you need to keep detailed and excellent records about your personal flock.

Included are care and record sheets, such as:

  • A "Facebook" of Flock members, breeds, ages, and other important details
  • Feed records & expenses
  • Herb Tracker
  • Must Buy! shopping list
  • Weekly chore charts with reminders
  • Health checkup charts with suggestions
  • Illness chart 
  • Egg production charts
  • Incubation history
  • Hatch records charts

You'll also love the chicken care tips on each page! No coop is complete until you enhance your chicken mama or papa status by keeping egg-celent records of your fluffy butt babies! 

** This is a digital PDF product. After checkout, you will have INSTANT ACCESS to the kit.