Best Eggs Ever! Aspen Chicken Nesting Pads with Herbs with Lavender & Chamomile



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Need a reliable solution to enhance the comfort of nest boxes for chickens and productivity of your feathered friends? Need something for your pigeon nesting box or quail cages for laying hens? Look no further than Best Eggs Ever! Nesting Pads 10 Count, the only chicken nesting pad with herbs from Pampered Chicken Mama!


Best Eggs Ever! Nesting Pads for chicken coop are the egg laying pad that ensures your chicken nest boxes remain free of dirt and mess (unlike coffee bedding for chickens), providing a pristine and comfortable environment for your chickens to lay their eggs. Rest easy knowing that your precious eggs will be safe from any potential harm, and you'll be able to collect them from your chicken boxes for laying eggs with ease.


Our chicken nesting pads are crafted from all-natural Aspen excelsior, ensuring the health and well-being of your chickens. We understand how important it is to keep your flock happy and healthy, and that's why we've made sure these nesting pads are safe for both your feathered friends and the environment.


Got a baby chick brooder box? Best Eggs Ever! Nesting Pads also make a great chick bedding for chick brooders or chicken tractors.


Unlike other nesting pads or or natural coconut fiber for nesting, Best Eggs Ever! Nesting Pads fluff up easily so your flock has a soft, comfortable, and relaxing chicken roost box to lay their eggs. Our nesting pads can be cleaned with coop refresher for chickens or barn lime for chickens and with nesting herbs for chicken coop for a fun and healthy bird nest. Easy to mix with pine shavings for chickens or other pine bedding for chickens. You’ll be amazed at how long-lasting and durable they are!


Pamper your hens with the best nesting experience possible. These nest box pads for chickens are like a cozy retreat for your feathered companions, providing a secure and inviting space for them to lay their eggs comfortably.