BunLuv Raisins N’ Seeds Treat For Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, & Hamsters

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Made with timothy, alfalfa, banana chips, raisins, sunflower seeds & more, Raisins N' Seeds is a tasty, textured treat for pet rabbits!

✔️Timothy & alfalfa hay are long-strand sources of fiber that supports healthy digestion & dental health

✔️Safe for all ages: Made with safe & natural edible culinary herbs

✔️Provides an entertaining & delicious activity that promotes natural foraging behaviors.

✔️Small batch made in Missouri

4 pound bag lasts 1 rabbit up to 60 days

Ingredients: Alfalfa, timothy pellets, raisins, dehydrated banana chips, sunflower seeds, dried apples, dehydrated kale, chamomile flowers, calendula petals, rose petals, organic oregano leaf, organic nettle, organic basil