Chicken Treat Sampler Bundle - 8 Different Treats In One Box! (10 Pounds Total)

Pampered Chicken Mama


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Your chickens will love this treat sampler bundle filled with our most popular treats & some brand new ones!

  • Makes it easy to test out which products your chickens love best.
  • 8 different treats to try
  • Each treat is non-GMO and tested to make sure hens love them!

This bundle includes:

  • Omega Burst (2 pounds)
  • Rainbow Bright (1 pound)
  • Cold Winter Nights (2 pounds)
  • Poultry Queen Corn & Mealworm Treat (1 pound)
  • Layer Feed With Black Soldier Fly Grubs & Fishmeal Sample (1 pound)
  • Sunflower Power Treat (1 pound)
  • PowerHen High Protein Treat (1 pound)
  • BEE A Beautiful Hen Herbal Treat (1 pound)