Clucks Of Joy Subscription Box (6 Month Pre-Paid): Pest Control & Non-GMO Treats Delivered Monthly!

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The Clucks Of Joy Box is up to 7 different "mystery" products sent to your home EVERY MONTH filled with carefully curated items for chicken moms & their flocks: 

  • Each box includes at least 1 item for overall health, one item for parasite control, and 1 non-GMO treat item.
  • Each box includes 3 - 6 full-sized "goodies" for your flock + 1-2 for YOU
  • 30-60 day supply of all natural pest control & healthy coops on autopilot
  • Exclusive access to new all-natural Pampered Chicken Mama products not available anywhere else
  • Made in the USA

How is our box different than other pet chicken themed subscription boxes?

Our box ensures a 30-60 day supply of items you'll actually use:

  • 30 - 60 day supply of gourmet non-GMO treats for chickens & other poultry
  • At least 1 seasonal parasite or pest control item delivered to your doorstep each month
  • Seasonal items for optimal health curated by experts to keep your flock healthy
  • Unique gourmet treats for your fluffy butts not available anywhere else

When do boxes ship?

Your Holiday Goody Box ships by November 30. Subscription boxes ship the 2nd week of each month. You can continue your subscription after the 6 months are up.

This is for a 6 month subscription. You will be charged a 1 time payment for all 6 months that will renew in 6 months.

How long does this subscription last?

Today, you're purchasing a 6 month subscription which lasts six months. If you wish to continue your subscription after, then you will automatically be charged. 

What's included in this subscription?

The Clucks of Joy Subscription Box is up to 7 different items shipped directly to your door each month. Each box includes a 30-60 day supply of all-natural & non-GMO items you need to keep your chickens healthy, for example, items for mite control, treats for healthy feathers, herbs for great eggs, and more! There are also 1 item for YOU to enjoy while spending time with your hens. Each item is carefully selected so you & your chickens will love it!

What size are the items in each box?

The size of each item varies, but each item is full-sized, and meant to last 30-60 days. That means your hens will enjoy their treats right away - and you'll love how healthy they are!

Can I purchase a subscription at any time?

To best serve our existing customers, we only offer a limited amount of subscriptions a few times per year. We want to provide the best customer experience possible! When our cart is open, you need to act fast before all spots are filled!