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Pampered Chicken Mama

Fluffiest Feathers Ever! Chicken Feed Supplement For Great Feathers

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Growing healthy feathers requires lots of protein, so it only makes sense to make sure your backyard chickens are in tip top shape with a high protein feed supplement. Fluffiest Feathers Ever! is formulated by experts and independently tested by labs to:

  • Provide extra nutrients and vitamins
  • Fortified with crucial minerals such as calcium and iron
  • Non-GMO and naturally grown ingredients - Easily bio-available beneficial bacteria and probiotics
  • Contains healthy herbs such as oregano so your hens can grow the fluffiest feathers possible!

Hens love the taste and texture. Perfect to use as a daily supplement or during molting to aid feather regrowth.

Ingredients: 100% pure, NON-GMO soybean meal, NON-GMO corn, dried oregano (for flavor), apple cider vinegar granules (for flavor), probiotics, vitamins.

Feeding directions: For maintenance, feed 1/4 cup per hen as a top dress or separately. During molting, feed 1/2 cup daily until chicken is fully feathered, then feed as maintenance. For chickens 16 weeks of age and older.

Guaranteed analysis: Crude Protein: 28% (min), Crude Fat: 9.6% (min), Crude Fiber: 5% (min)

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