Just The Herbs: Herbal Bedding For Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, & Hamsters

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10 ounce
2 pounds

Just The Herbs is a fun mix of all natural dried botanicals, herbs, and flowers. Add it to bedding for great smelling bedding & to provide environmental interest!

✔️IMPROVES THE SCENT OF BEDDING: Easy to add to bedding for a great smelling crate or hutch

✔️SAFE: Made with safe & natural edible culinary herbs

✔️PROVIDES HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT: Rabbits can re-arrange herbs as desired. Colorful herbs provides visual interest.

✔️EASY TO USE: Add 1/4 cup of herbs to bedding or sleeping areas as desired. Change weekly or when soiled.

✔️A 10 ounce bag is enough for 1 rabbit for 30 days. A 2 pound bag is enough for 1 rabbit for 60-90 days.