So Comfy Nesting Box Herbs & Straw - Mixture of Sterilized Organic Straw & Non-GMO Herbs

Pampered Chicken Mama


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Easily add herbs to your nesting boxes & provide a comfy spot to rest with Pampered Chicken Mama’s Nesting Box Herbs!

Made with organic & sterilized straw to prevent dust, insects, or seeds.

Each bag is enough for 3 nesting boxes for 1 month.

Includes calendula, rose, olive leaf, chamomile, basil, oregano, yarrow, and more!

  • [MAKES PROVIDING QUALITY CARE EASY]: Chickens get the benefits of herbs while nesting. Just change straw weekly! Subscribe for bedding on autopilot
  • [KEEPS EGGS FROM BREAKING]: Straw provides a cushion to keep eggs safe before you collect them
  • [ORGANIC & NON-GMO]: Sterilized straw ensures your nesting boxes remain mite-free & dust-free. Herbs provide a sweet-smelling & beneficial environment.
  • [ATTRACTS HENS TO NESTING BOX]: Scent of herbs & a comfortable environment encourages hens to use nesting boxes instead of laying eggs in hiding spots.
  • [REPLACES YOUR REGULAR NESTING BOX BEDDING]: Nest Box Bedding with Herbs can be mixed with your regular bedding OR completely replace your regular bedding.

Directions: Add Nesting Box Herbs to nesting boxes weekly. Replace as needed.