Non-GMO Cracked Corn - Sustainably Grown in Missouri for Pet Chickens

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✔️ YUMMY NON-GMO cracked corn, sourced from local organic and sustainable farms in Missouri. 

✔️ 100% NON-GMO, SOY FREE, & VEGETARIAN: No animal products or hard-to-pronounce ingredients- just non-gmo cracked corn!

✔️ ADD EXTRA CALORIES TO YOUR FLOCK’S DIET: Perfect treat for long winter nights when your flock needs more calories or during summer when heat stress can cause them to lose weight. Can feed to chickens starting at 6 weeks old. 

✔️ REDUCES STRESS: Encourages natural behaviors in backyard chickens. Toss on the ground and watch them come flying!

Perfect for Healthy Layers and Chicks!

Keep your flock entertained and reinforce good behaviors with Pampered Chicken Mama's Premium Non-GMO Cracked Corn. It's a wholesome all-natural treat.