Saveacomb - Herbal Winter Care For Combs & Wattles

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Winter can be a tricky time to care for your flock's combs - which is why we developed Saveacomb!

Made with naturally-derived products, Saveacomb is easy to apply to your flock's combs & wattles during wintry weather.

✔️MAKES WINTER COMB & WATTLE CARE EASY: Just add a pea-sized amount to your flock's combs & wattles during snow, freezing rain, or other times when you're worried about frostbite

✔️MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Chickens love the herbs, including calendula, plantain, frankincense, rose, lavender, Vitamin E, and more! Safe to use.

✔️WON'T FREEZE: Saveacomb is made with ingredients that won't freeze - which makes it so easy to use!

✔️ECONOMICAL: A 4 oz size is enough for 5 chickens for 30 days. A 16 oz size is enough for 5 chickens for 4 months.

Ingredients: Calendula, plantain leaf, rose, white petrolatum, lavender, Vitamin E, frankincense oil.