Ultimate Parasite Bundle - 4 Products, 14 pounds Total

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Mites, flies, and other parasites can wreak havoc in the coop.

  • Mites can infest your hens' bodies & drain your flock of energy
  • Flies can cause flystrike & annoy your flock (so they lay fewer eggs)
  • Internal parasites like worms can live on the floor of your coop (and potentially invade your flock's eggs)

With the Ultimate Parasite Bundle, you can provide a clean, happy coop - using natural botanicals & herbs!

You'll get 4 of our Best Selling Products:

  • MitesBGone Coop & Nesting Box Herbs (4 pounds)
  • PestsBGone Coop Herbs (4 pounds)
  • WormBGone Nesting Box & Coop Herbs (4 pounds)
  • Dust Bath with Herbs (2 pounds)

Each of these products has received many 5 star reviews!

Purchased individually, this bundle would cost over $300. Save $200 with this bundle!

How do you use each of these products?

MitesBGone - Add to nesting boxes or coop bedding - wherever you're concerned about chicken mites. Watch as your hens cluck for joy at their clean, fresh nesting boxes!

PestsBGone - Add to coop bedding. Great to rid your coop of mosquitoes, flies (which cause flystrike), gnats, or other insects that can annoy chickens and cause them to stop producing eggs during warmer weather. 

WormBGone - Add to nesting boxes & coop bedding. Creates an environment not conducive to internal parasites. The natural botanicals help create a clean, healthy coop. Plus, WormBGone smells GREAT!

Dust Bath With Herb - Create a natural herbal dust bath! Our proprietary blend of natural silica & quartz combined with the power of MitesBGone Coop Herbs.  Hens must dust bathe to rid themselves of external parasites like chicken mites. It's super easy with our herbal dust bath!